Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Layered on Thick with Olivia

Hi Friends and Fans!

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Happy Wednesday! I'm here to join you for the Layered on Thick challenge. It is so fun to pile everything on and create dimension and texture.

To get started, I grabbed the Stay Colorful collection from Dear Lizzy and started trimming a few papers in various sizes. I didn't worry too much about how even or symmetrical they were but kept them smaller than 6x6". Another thing I like to do is slightly crinkle the papers. I hold the sides with my hands and gently squeeze & twist, then rotate and repeat. It gives a little lift without adding weight to the background paper.

Once I had an layered pattern I liked I started adding embellishments.
 easiest way to achieve some volume for this challenge is to use layered stickers. The work is already done for you 😉

I knew I wanted the photos and a few embellies to stand out a bit more so I used packaging cardboard  cut to the size of the object. Several small pieces were cut to make the cardboard fit the shape of the bicycle.

There are so many ways to add dimension without bulk or heaviness such as stamping, painting, sewing/stitching, fabrics, and pop-dots (or cardboard if you're thrifty).

Please play along and share in the PIFF Facebook Group! I'd love to see your creativity and gain some new ideas! And if you need a jumpstart, head to the Paper Issues Store to grab some inspiration and save some $$$ with the code below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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