Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mini album with Annelie Maddock

 Hi everyone, happy Saturday!
I thought I'd surprise you with a MINI ALBUM today! It's a great way to get rid of bit and pieces that you might have lying around. For my album I mainly used Maggie Holmes "Bloom". It's a lovely collection with some gold accents in it that I LOVE!
The base of the album is basically a 12x12" paper. I used this tutorial HERE,
by fellow kiwi Lowri McNabb. I have used it lots before - it's a handy little mini!
The photos are printed on my INSTAX printer, and is now taking pride of place on my daughter's shelf - together with her LEGO friends even! That's what I call a win!


I hope you found some inspiration here today, to make your own mini album with your bits and pieces!


  1. Gorgeous mini! I love the little hot dog guy to the right of the album!!!


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