Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Embossing Powder Fun!

Hello my scrappy friends! I have been using a new (to me) technique, and I'm so excited to share it with you! I love embossing powder, the shiny finished look creates so much dimension and adds refined details to a layout. Sadly, my extensive stamp collection doesn't always include a motif I am looking for. For example, January's Pinspire Me challenge had an amazing gold balloon photo that I really wanted to add that idea to my layout, but I didn't have gold balloons or a stamp to create the look I was going for. Instead, I designed exactly what I wanted in Silhouette Studio. Rather than cutting the image, I was able to print and emboss...on VELLUM! I'm not sure why I didn't think of it sooner, I have printed on vellum in the past (it's one of my favorite ways to add journaling!), and I always noticed it took a few extra seconds for the printer ink to dry. Well, those few extra seconds are just enough time to dump some embossing powder all over that image!

You may have seen this layout in PIFF last month, I was so excited about how those balloons came out, I had to try this technique again! This layout uses the amazing Hazelwood collection (and good news, you can grab some from the Paper Issues Store!)
I created a layout about one of my favorite things...Ice Cream! I wanted to have a few simple shiny additions to this layout, so I created the ice cream image in Silhouette Studio. I printed the images on vellum and quickly poured the gold embossing powder on them. I also wanted to add a bit of journaling "these are the moments I hope you remember forever". I designed the phrase in Silhouette Studio as well, that way I can ensure the size is accurate for my design.
I used the patterned papers from Fancy Pants Sweet Nothings (grab yours from the store!) because cream..sweet nothings...and the collection is perfect for so many layouts-not just for Valentine's Day!  

Here are some close ups of the embossed details, I just love how it turns out!

So, just a few tips if you want to try embossing from your printer...
  • Work quickly! I start pouring the powder on the vellum as soon as it comes out of the printer.
  • Don't attempt to do an image that is too large, if your printer takes a while to print your design, by the time you get the vellum out, the first part of your design will likely be dried and won't take the embossing powder.
  • Vellum can cause a paper jam in your printer fairly easily, to avoid this, I make sure there is a stack of printer paper behind my vellum. My printer usually grabs hold of the piece of paper in addition to the vellum, preventing the vellum from jamming!
  • Pre heat your heat tool, turn it on and let it fully heat up before using it on the vellum. This keeps the paper from warping.
  • Move your heat tool around more that you typically would. Heat on the vellum will cause it to warp and discolor if you aren't careful, moving it around instead of targeting one area will prevent this!
The possibilities are endless with this technique! I can't wait to see you try it!
Be sure to save $$$ on all of your scrappy needs (and if you don't have the Hazelwood collection or the Sweet Nothings collection, trust me, you NEED it!).


  1. Beautiful layouts. I especially LOVE your technique of stitching with the ice cream cone. Can you give more details on how you did this? What type of thread? How were you able to stitch on the paper and not have it rip? I have done something similar with repeatedly stitching in the center and my center started to rip apart. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much :) I use embroidery floss. Most of the time I use 3 of the 6 strands, for this design I used all 6. I back my paper with duct tape first. Then I pierce the holes for my design. My middle hole is actually a few holes that are very close together instead of just one. If it starts to rip I add a bit more tape to reinforce it! Hope that answers all of your questions!

  2. Wow, you have blown me away with the embossing detail on both of these layouts. You are amazing!

    1. Aw, thanks Mary-Ann, that means so much coming from you! YOU are amazing!!


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