Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Easy Silhouette stitching template tutorial with Pol Prince

Hey there scrappy friends! I hope you're all well! Pol here again to share a new layout and a simple tutorial with you! 

I'm using the new Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection, and a free cut file from the Paper Issues store.
I converted the cut file to a stitching file on my Silhouette, and hand stitched it. 
If you've ever wondered how to convert a file to a stitching template, fear not, I'm about to tell you how I do it, and it couldn't be easier!

1. First of all open your design in Silhouette Studio. Then open the 'line style' window, select your design, then select the second dashed line style. 
You can then increase the size of the dashes to suit your floss or thread. I always size mine at 2.3 for a standard embroidery thread. This is all based on personal preference, as you want your holes big enough for the thread but not so big that you will see every gap. 
You can then chose your corner/end style. To be honest with you, these don't really make any difference which you choose. 
You'll see that your design now looks like this...

2. The next step is to trace your design. If you don't do this the design will cut as just a perforated line  rather than little boxes, and won't be big enough to stitch through. 
Once you have traced your design, you can move and delete the original...

3. You're now ready to send your design to your Silhouette to cut. Position the design where you want it on your page. Make sure you select 'cut' NOT perforate. 
Then simply set your regular settings for cardstock/paper and send to your silhouette...

4. This what you will now have...

As you can see, in some places the blade has snagged slightly and only taken off the top layer of cardstock. This is because I use very thick cardstock. 
Even though it hasn't cut all the way through, it's still very easy to pierce with a needle and stitch through.
This what I ended up with when I took it off the mat. Some of the holes have popped through and some haven't. That's absolutely fine, you will still be able to easily stitch it all. I added an extra outline to mine too. 

Because the holes are so small and my card thick, my blade is prone to clogging up with the tiny pieces of card. 
I make sure I keep an eye on it whilst cutting and if I notice it snagging I pause my Cameo and clean the blade out - usually by easing the bits of card out with a needle or blowing it - then pop the blade back in and resume cutting.

Now select your thread and away you go! To start, I secure my thread to the back of my cardstock with a little bit of acrylic glue, and repeat this at the end of the thread, or a change of colour.

And here's the final finished layout!

I hope I've inspired you guys to have a go at stitching on your layouts, and if you do, please share them in the Paper Issues Facebook group!

If you'd like to purchase Dear Lizzy Lovely Day, or any other scrappy supplies, head over to the Paper Issues store and make sure you use code: Pol for 20% off your entire order!


  1. Super ideas - I haven't got a Silhouette yet, but who knows. Love the stitching, thanks for sharing all.

  2. I've never seen it done like that! I just poke through the perforations. Definitely going to give this a go.


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