Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Not Your Ordinary Scrapbook Supplies

No secret that I am not afraid of thick scrapbook layouts. I will add lots of layers and height to my pages without thinking twice about it. It really is one of the things I LOVE about paper scrapping. Having had been a digital scrapper for so long when I started paper scrapping I didn't give myself limits. I love textures, I love different mediums and I love layers. I figure if I wanted really flat pages I would have stuck with digital.

One of the things I like to add to my pages is flowers but besides Prima there aren't many companies that produce flowers with much depth. So deciding not to be limited by only the scrapbook section of the store I wondered my local Hobby Lobby and found some flowers there aren't plastic. They have a very paperish feel to them and are easy to take apart and use on pages.

These are called Green Fields and they have many different colors and styles but again are sort of on the paper side when you feel them so nothing plastic. I've found them to be very easy to pull apart and use on a layout in the past and with a coupon very reasonable in price. So yes I have a number of these in my stash.

But as I was out browsing flowers I came across the Christmas section and spotted gold balls on sticks. First gold how can I pass that up there are lots of lines with gold in them, think Maggie Holmes for example so I knew these gold balls would be mine.

See normally most scrappers would just walk by this but I was excited and picked up a stick and couldn't wait to get them on a page. Now you might think, Ann has lost her mind, how is she going to get those on a scrapbook page! It isn't magic folks its very easy just take it apart.

once I separated two stick full of balls it was much easier for me to handle and work out placement. These things come apart quite nicely doesn't make a big mess and you can twist them so they work on your page better. I did tape these two together when I was happy with how I wanted to place them only because it was easier for me to glue them down. Now sometimes I just a wet glue for these things other time its a glue strip it all depends on what medium I'm working with and where I want to place it that determines what I use. Since I hid these behind a card it was easier to tape them together.

As you see in the finished layout you don't see the back with the tape on it. I added a bow to the stems to give it a bit of balance. And I even cut some of the gold balls off the stems and glued those to the page as well.

So don't pass up things you can incorporate onto a page simply because it isn't a specific scrapbook product. I have fun adding flower stems, tissue paper, straws and all sorts of embellies that aren't found in the scrapbook isle. Branch out and have fun its all part of the process.

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  1. Ann you always surprise me with your layout additions. I love this so much!


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