Tuesday, August 30, 2016

:: mix it up features ::

..:: the features ::..

It's that time again -- check out what I found in the Paper Issues {Friends & Fans} group!

Stephanie Connor played along were splatters of perfection and this great family photo!

Don't you love the pop of that yellow acrylic paint??  I do!  Thank you for sharing with us Grace Tolman!

Jessica Fabiano took the water color and ran with it ( <<<< see what I did there?)

The stitching. I don't want to know how long this took!  I love the splatters, too. Perfection, Laureen Wagner!

Mariana Chavez shared this lovely painted background and that photo cracks me up!

That packaging technique worked perfectly for Rachel Reynolds. And now I want a hedgehog!

Thank you so much for those that played along with us this month. Each month I look forward to checking out and celebrating all you do! 

Look for a new and very fun challenge coming soon!

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  1. That hedgehog has my heart!!! Great features!

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