Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Got Swag In My Bag

I'm travelling for two months this summer but that isn't going to stop me from scrapping. I pack supplies and set up shop where ever I can find some space. One thing I was sure to pack was Paper Issues Swag Bag it was a must that was coming with me. If you been on the fence about the Swag Bag allow me to push you right over to take the plunge.

So far I've made two LOs on my vacation from the swag bag and a few added bits from my stash. Only two because my Swag Bag has a lot of swagger left int it to bust out a few more pages. It doesn't take up much room so if your doing a travel journal, well then the swag bag is something you need to be grabbing and putting in your bag. Add a few little bits of of your own and you'll have endless possibilities. If you are a Planner, Project Lifer, 12x12 scrapper, or a Pocket Page gal you will have options with the Swag Bag every single month. So stop hesitating and grab the next Swag Bag that gets put in the shop, in fact get a six month sub so you don't miss out.

The vast majority on this page is the swag bag. I added some bits, a (vellum, and string) title and some extra paper I had in my stash but the rest all swag. Perfect choices to document a time of traveling. 

Again the only thing i added was some 12x12 paper I had, a title and a flair. The rest is all swag bag. I kid you not when I say those little bags come stuffed and can go quite a long way. So stop hesitating and jump in with some swag. 

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