Monday, June 29, 2015

Paper Issues Guest Designer ***Mandy Schneider***

Happy Monday to you!  I hope your weekend was beautiful and you had lots of time to make memories or scrapbook your memories!

We have a special guest blogger with us today, if you're on YouTube you MUST have seen her!  It's Mandy Schneider.  Mandy jumped on board the Swag Bag train several months ago and hasn't looked back.

You can find Mandy on the web at the links below.  I highly recommend you check out her YouTube Channel, that's where she really caught our eye!  She has a new video up today all about her Guest Spot and this Project Life spread she created using products and Swag Bags from Paper Issues.

Here is Mandy's Intro, I just know you're going to love her fun personality as much as we do! Thank you Mandy for guesting with us.

Hi everyone!!! my name is Mandy Schneider and I love Project Life. There it is...all out in the open :) 
I have two kids. My oldest is a 22 year old girl. She is a sweetheart and thank goodness she hasn't made me a grandma yet, I would kill her! Just an FYI in case she reads this ;) 
I also have a 16 year old boy who walks a fine line everyday with me. Anytime you disturb him he gets a little snarly, in order for me not to get wrinkles and grey hair I leave him alone. OK that was lie, in order for me to not go to jail I leave him alone.
I love both of my kids very much but the moms who have teenage boys understand completely....right?? ;)
In my PL layouts I feature my 3 fur babies, all Bulldogs. They are the best, and they take lovely photos! They don't say NO I don't want my picture taken..ugh! Mommmmm!!! Why??!!! The triplets, that's what I call them, are very photogenic and so darn adorable :)
I lead a pretty simple life. I will admit for many years I felt like a Vampire, I only came alive at night.  I don't like the sun and I can bite like nobodies business. ;) Because of PL this year, I have experienced things I would have never done! I wanted fun in my life and so I have sacrificed my body and have now hiked, biked, and walked in the sun and it was FUN! So I am now very active and I love it.
I also love food. I am constantly taking pictures of what I eat, bake, cook. It's fun for me and probably annoying to friends and family, so my job is complete. Well I will finish with telling you all that I love Paper Issues, like a LOT! Thank you for having me as a guest. I hope you like the video. Thank you so much!!! 
Mandy :)


  1. Always love your layouts Mandy! Congratulations :)

  2. Congrats, Mandy!!! Loved your PL spread and your explanation of the pictures!!

  3. Love you bio, i was smiling and laughing the whole time reading about your son and daughter. I love seeing peoples PL pages and how they do them. Yours is great.


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