Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Introducing: Jana

i am so excited!!
my name is Jana and i have issues!
this is me!!
let me tell you something about me... 
i am 35 yrs old, mother of 3 crazy boys (13,10 and 5 yrs old) and married. 
we´re from germany and i LOVE scrapbooking!

i´ve cut my first piece of paper in january 2013 and was way to afraid of it! back in 2005 i started the digital scrapbooking thing and i loved it, but after a few years i wanted to try something new. the last digital layout i made was nearly 2 yrs ago. so i can say i am over it ;) 

want to see what my layouts look like?! 
here are two of my faves i made at the PI (online) Crop at facebook last week...

if you want to see more of my work please feel free to visit me at my BLOG or INSTAGRAM

i can´t wait to get started with all the awesome things going on here!! 
talk to you soon, 


  1. Congrats, Jana!!! Love your layouts, beautiful work! Have a fun term at PI!

  2. Welcome to the team, Jana! It was fun to learn more about you. :)

  3. Welcome to the team Jana! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! Your layouts are awesome!

  5. Your work is amazing and I can not wait to see what you create next. Congrats

  6. welcome, Jana! so happy you're with us, and i am so inspired by what you've shared so far! can't wait to get to know you!

  7. Jana - I adore your work and I am so happy you joined the team!

  8. Great big WELCOME to the team Jana, we are thrilled you are here girl!


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