Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Thrilling List

Good morning!  Jess here today with one heck of a thrilling list... thrill rides, that is.  As a lover of big rides myself I saw this photo and was immediately drawn in.  The Tower of Terror is imposing and this picture is awesome in black and white!

Reading Judy's list of her favorite rides made me want to hit the amusement park! And how perfect is the Simple Stories collection for this?  Just that tiny peek of mouse ears at the top is adorable!

There is still plenty of time to link up to the list issue here.  You know you want to win a $20 Paper Issues gift certificate!

Need some Simple Stories like the goodies used here?  Head over to the store an poke around... and while you're at it take a cool 20% off!




  1. Love Judy's layout -- both for the fabulous design and the fun topic!

  2. Awe!! Thanks for the spotlight! You guys really know how to brighten a girl's day. ALSO, thank you so much for the current issue. It really got my scrappy mojo going...which I needed big time!


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