Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Please help us welcome Christin Grønnslett

Christin Grønnslett here. I am a 39 year old living in Norway with husband and kids (3 and  6) - Anea and Troy.   I first came into contact with scrapbooking 11 years ago after a brief stay in the US when I wanted to document our travels when I got home. I never finished the travel albums and I mostly shopped scrapstuff for years.   After my daughter was born in 2009 I started scrapbooking a little every day and haven’t looked back since. Now I can’t image hanging out on the couch when the kids are asleep anymore. I want to scrap instead. So after bed I sneak down to my room in the basement and start playing with paper. 
I am a clean and simple scrapper, who just happened to dare to incorporate a few new techniques, but you will never ever see me fill a whole page with patterned paper. I need my white space…   Like I need white walls in my house.  I don’t scrapbook to document, I am more in it for the fun and to just capture feelings, emotions and the many cute faces my kids make as they grow up.  That is also why you don’t see me making  a lot of layouts with lots of pictures and why I haven’t jumped on the PL train.
A few strange things about me: I have written a history thesis about American Military Strategy and Norway while maintaining a website about Childrens shows from the 1960-90s..  I hate Sitcoms, I have to leave the room if shows like Raymond, King of Queens or other shows in the genre are on.  I never do the dishes or take out the trash, my husband is kind enough to do it.

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