Friday, August 16, 2013

Project What?!

Hi there folks! 
LORI here. 
I ran across this post from the fabulous Ashli Oliver
in my bloglovin feed and had 
to share:

While she doesn't do a traditional PL album, she did use the format for her summer album. Seriously, how cute is this?!:

I'm also not a Project Lifer, mostly because my life is not that interesting,
 but I do love all the little bits and bobs. 
I think I'll challenge myself to use some PL stuff
on my art journal pages this fall...hmmm.

Just a reminder that you have until August 25 to link us up
and several chances to win some goodies from Becky Higgins!

Hope you're getting some creating done this weekend! 
I'm gonna try!!


  1. Scarred to do project life yet myself but I do like yours!love it x

  2. Love this idea. I don't do PL but it might be an interesting just do use the idea as a small scrapbook.

  3. Love Ashli's interpretation of PL


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