Friday, June 07, 2013

DT Intro: Lori Wilbanks

What's up my party people?!
I've got issues, yes I do, I've got issues, how 'bout you?
LORI here to tell you all a little about yours truly!

I am a fun-loving, easy-going, paper-hoarding single gal from Florida. I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain....oh, sorry, wrong site.
Anyhoo, I am the Director of Education at a well known learning center by day, 
crime drama and reality tv watcher and art journaler/canvas painter by night.

and...I have issues:
1. I hate wearing pants and/or shoes when I don't have to...they are the first things that come off when I get home. I live alone, so nobody really cares...although I'm moving in with a roommate next month, so I better warn her....

2.  I would rather spend money on art supplies than food. But I hoard them...I have quite a collection! My paper issues have expanded to stencils, paint, mists, and inks...

3.  I am a huge clutz...the day is not complete without me running into something, spilling something, or trying to figure out where THAT bruise came from.

4.  If I haven't had coffee yet, just steer clear. Totally need my caffeine buzz.

5.  I am in a constant search for the perfect lipstick---right color, long lasting but not drying, a little glossy....haven't found it yet, but not for lack of trying:

I make stuff. Usually in my art journal or on a canvas, usually mixed media, but am always wanting to learn new things. Here are a few of my recent faves:

work in progress--done in an online class with Mati McDonough: Daring Adventures in Paint and Life
9x12 mixed media canvas
4x6 mixed media canvas
art journal page made with deli paper prints

Cassie's on vacation right now, but starting June 10, 
go get yourself some treats in the STORE.
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Come visit me at my blog!


  1. Totally fun post! :) Congratulations on your selection to the DT!

  2. LOVE your canvases...and I'm very much like you on the caffeine front, and the random "where did I get that?" bruises...:)

  3. Great canvases and I'm with you on 3,4 &5. My middle name is klutz to family and close friends!

  4. Love the canvases, and your issues...definitely better warn your roommate, LOL!


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