Friday, May 31, 2013

*{Peace Out May...Bring On June}*

This year is flying by...and you'll find me endlessly saying that. I am blissfully unaware of the passage of time. My husband calls it denial, I call it daily life. I am pretty sure, this is what keeps me from driving my car off a cliff. 

Besides being profound this morning, I am also here to remind you that there is still time to link up to our current issue....Lifestyles to "Die" For  ....sooooo have you linked up yet? In case you didn't know there are 7 prize packs to be won! As in some dies and Shape N Tape Sheets! Make sure you check out how awesome Lifestyles Crafts is...if you haven't already. They have some AH-MAZING stuff to work with! 

I created a layout for some extra motivation and inspiration.


I wanted to share a link that caught my eye created by Marjie Kemper, she is so very's so very unique and it has a George Lucas quote..which makes it more awesome: 


I think what I enjoy seeing most about all the awesome link that there are SO MANY talented scrappers/artists/crafters out there...and it's always so impressive to see everyone's work all together. 

There's lots of awesome products available in the Paper Issues store right now....Pssst! That would be a great thing for any upcoming issues. Just a hint. :)

You can use my coupon if you'd like:


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