Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DT intro: Anna Sigga

Hello everyone!  Anna Sigga here today sharing a bit of this and that about me.  
I'm super excited to be serving a second term with you all!
I live in Reykjavik, Iceland with my handsome man and our two little girls.
During the day I work as an English teacher (grade school) but a night I moonlight as a scrapbooker/card-maker.

Do I have Issues? Oh yes I do, I have many issues but lets just name a handful here shall we! ;)

  1. I am seriously addicted to coffee!! I need this stuff to be bale to pass as a human being before 10 o'clock in the morning! :)
  2. Paper-crafting literally keeps me sane - it is the best therapy ever. Plus it is the best excuse to buy way too many flowers and bling! ;)
  3. Nail polish! Yes, that is my other addiction - I just cannot stop buying new colors every month!
  4. I have a thing for Bollywood films - I just adore the music, the clothes are spectacular and the whole thing is just WOW!
  5. I love love love science fiction - if it ca not be explained (vampires, demons, ghost, aliens) I need to watch a a film or TV series dedicated to the stuff! 
Yes I am weird and I kinda like it! :)

Don't forget to use my code to receive 20% of your Paper Issues order! :D
Thanks for sticking around through all that blabbering so why not share some of my current fave crafty things!



  1. Stunning projects Anna!!! So happy to design with you!

  2. Love me some Anna Sigga projects!

  3. Love your beautiful projects Anna!

  4. Love your gorgeous work, Anna!!

  5. Great to read a bit more about you Anna! and your work is adorable!

  6. seriously, you just strike me with the awe. amazing work, darl, and it's wonderful to be here with you! :)


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