Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ampersand and and

This ginormous ampersand is so awesome that I am willing to overlook the Coke bottle cap.
I am a Pepsi girl, ya know.
No matter what your affiliation, this rocks.
Patricia used a Gauche kit to make it.
I think I see some Sassafras peeking through.
I need a minute and a tissue.  I miss Sass.
It's fabulous.  She's fabulous.
You can check out her project here.
You can save 20% off everything in the Paper Shop with her code too: PATRICIA
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  1. AHHHH, this is awesome!! I am a Coke girl myself, so I love the Coke cap. :)

  2. Hey Cassie I have more Coke caps! ;) I cherish my Sassafras leftovers!

  3. Seriously??? How awesome is this!!!!????


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