Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pizza Box Wood

I'll admit I had to look twice at this layout.
Shazza cut thin strips of pizza box for the wood grain piece behind the photo.
Isn't it amazing!
She has close ups and instructions on her blog.
Check it out!  Thanks Shazza!!
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  1. This gets the prize for most original idea I've seen in a long time! Wow.

  2. that is using some creative that october afternoon trees? very clever and amazing project...

  3. Thanks Ladies for all your lovely comments! ....and Thanks to Paper Issues (Cassie) for featuring my page. Honestly, I cant take all the credit for this amazing technique as it was a class I took earlier this year at a retreat. The teacher was Tracy from my2angels (
    I just chose to share this fabulous technique on this site for the tree huggers theme.
    Also thanks to all the other ladies from this site that posted comments on my blog :)
    Cheers and Hugs all round!!


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