Saturday, August 06, 2011

Books are Paper Too

A Paper Issues BFF has written a book!
Woot!  Go Jamie!
She is also sharing her first chapters with everyone!
You can check it out here!
She is also having a giveaway!
You rock our Paper Issues socks Jamie!


  1. O my Gosh!!! reading halfway through what you posted...I must go buy the book now. I have to admit, I am not a reader. Its very very difficult for me to concentrate and get into a book. Very few books draw me in. This one did. Very very inspiring with such intrigue.

  2. Oh that is just awesome!!!!! So proud of you Jamie!!!! LOVE!~~

  3. HOLY MUTHA.. You are seriously dripping in talent Jamie!! Super congrats to you gf.. wow!

  4. THAT is awesome!!! CONGRATS, Jamie!


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