Saturday, December 30, 2017

Big Fuzzy Balls

I love Snow and Cocoa by Crate Paper and I was super happy to see them bring it back as it was very popular. It is just the perfect winter collection that I have used several times already and will several times more. Since I had so much in my stash, possibly because I buy in preparation for the zombie Apocalypse, there wasn't much new I needed to get. But when I saw the big fuzzy balls oh I knew I had to try and get them on a page.

These pom poms are over an inch in height and an inch in circumference. They are sticky backed so they fit perfectly on a page. Now I'm not a girl that backs away from a challenge and I'm certainly not afraid to give my pages depth and height. I absolutely love that aspect of physical scrap booking.

I struggled for a moment figuring out how to add them to a page but then I thought of all the hats I crochet during winter and thus the idea came into my head. I spotted this cut file in the shop and with a bit of editing I was able to make my very own scrappy hat to put on a page.

I did a little bit of heat embossing and added a little glitter but as we all know there is no such thing as a little glitter, I'm still wiping it off. And I easily added my hat as the main subject of my cluster.

This was really so much fun and I wasn't really worried about the picture getting lost on the page because of the photo itself. Normally I would use a photo like this along with other photos but I think on its own it tells the story of winter fun for sure. So as you see adding some embellishments you wouldn't normally consider is fun and really not all that difficult. So don't be intimidated just give it a go you may surprise yourself.

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