Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Letterboard Love

As most of you know, I am completely obsessed with my Letterboard!
I love it. I mostly post about tacos but I try to sprinkle in other things as well.

These boards are so versatile 
You can post anything!

I like to paint with all the colors of the wind so I decided to make my own colors!
Here's my disclaimer:
I have never spray painted anything. 
No one was harmed.
First I broke down a giant cardboard box so it would lay flat.
Next I dumped a box of white alphas on. 
Then I spray painted them.  Don't do that.
Pro tip: Wear gloves.
Super Pro Tip: Take the time to turn them all over and lay them flat.
Learn from my mistakes. LOL

I really love the yellow!!!!!
I have also moved on to other colors.
I am pretty sure that unicorn needs a glitter paint makeover!!!!!!!
(I used this paint because it was on Prime. I am not endorsing it, I didn't receive compensation, I just love Amazon Prime and not leaving my house.)
You can grab a Letterboard for yourself in our store and save 20% with the code CASSIE


  1. Absolutely lovely!!! 💛💛💛 So clever !!

  2. Super cool! I'm so trying this! Thanks for the pro tips!

  3. Gaahh!! So easy too!! Off to buy more white alphas!!


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