Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All About Straws

When I first saw the wood grain straw that Cassie put in the April swag bag I knew I had to have it. One of my (many) new obsessions is straws, I simply can't get enough. And some ask well Ann what in the world do you do with straws in a LO? Well let me tell you there are plenty of things to do with straws, don't be intimidated folks grab your straw and use it. It layers up wonderfully, you can use it for flags, you can give your page easy dimension, you can stick those straws anywhere to create balance or height, and even use them for products off the page.

As you can see in this LO with the swag bag I cut my straw and used it to help balance out the grouping at the bottom of the page.  I liked the look of the straw cut and helping to balance out the bottom. 

This was a page I did for one of PIs mixed media challenges using the Totally Rad collection by Cocoa Vanilla. I had a whole lot of dimension with this page starting from the packaging we all get with our PI orders so adding a straw accomplished two things. 1. Some of my elements didn't appear off balance sticking a straw in the back helped support the height off the page. 2. It helped me gain some height in the page vertically against a LO that was quite horizontal.

So there are many ways to use your straws and there are plenty in the shop so with your next order grab a couple and see what you can do with them. I'd love to see what you created with them for PI challenges. And don't forget when you order use my code for 20% off your purchase!

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