Friday, July 31, 2015

#iSpyWithPI awesome summer scavenger hunt spotlights!

Hi everyone!  Leah l'Orange here for some fun and fabulous photo inspiration from our friends around the world!  If you haven't already played along with our #iSpyWithPI photo scavenger hunt, you are missing out on a TON of fun!

July 4th through August 9th, we've got a fun photo challenge with 50 different prompts.  You don't have to do them all (just 25!), you don't have to do them in any particular order, you just have to be the photographer, show us your original shots inspired by the challenge, and use the hashtags in our Facebook {Friends & Fans} group or share on Instagram! 

There are weekly gift cards to be won (2 each week for $5 each) and one grand prize when it's all wrapped up for $20 to the Paper Issues store!

CLICK HERE for full rules and the full list of prompts, and GO HERE to find the weekly thread in the Facebook group where you'll post your photos!

This week, I am happy to share a few highlights from the week, and tomorrow there will be 2 winners announced when we kick off the final week!  ANNNNNND there will be extra prizes for people who incorporate their #iSpyWithPI photos into their scrapbook pages, so get shootin'!

Let's take a look at some really inspiring shots from the week, shall we?

#hot shared by @jgkimmy
Yep, that does look like a hot desert.  Gorgeous, but I'll stay here where it's air conditioned!

#watermelon shared by @areyoujamin
THAT is the right way to eat watermelon!  And then promptly hop in the pool or the tub!

#swim shared by Katherine
I love the happiness on their faces - what a great moment captured!

#roadtrip shared by @caffeinatedpapercuts
What a gorgeous view of the road ahead!  Looks like a great day for a drive!

#barefoot shared by Janet
This is just an awesome, artistic shot.  I love the depth and how the feet are in focus while everything else blurs out!

#tireswing shared by @scrappychick101
This tire swing happened along their path - a great photo op, and hopefully a page forthcoming to retell a fun moment!

And last, but certainly not least...
#messy shared by Tina
I'm thinking there HAS to be a page made to tell this story...  because seriously, WHOA.  :)

Thank you all for sharing such fun photos this week and we hope you'll continue to watch for those moments to shoot!  We are watching, and we are loving your summer stories! 


  1. Thanks!! Love everyone's pictures! And I agree...we need a story with that messy photo! So great!

  2. I adore the boy shoveling that watermelon in!!!! Great greaT photos.


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