Sunday, March 08, 2015

Swag Bag Spotlight


Hi everyone! Jen here sharing a new Swag Bag project on this Sunday morning.

Swag Bags are chock full of a fantastic mix of papers, cards and embellishments. They are perfect for creating scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, cards, home decor and more! I've been grabbing them up for some time now and look forward to seeing the assortment of goodies that arrive in my mailbox every month.

This pocket page was made almost entirely from the February Swag Bag - including every paper/card! The best part? There's still plenty left for several other projects.

Admittedly, despite scrapping for the past two decades, I am not the best at mixing and matching supplies across company lines. The Swag Bags take care of that for me. Everything works perfectly together so, I can just pull photos, grab my Bag and get to creating!

Need a Swag Bag in your  mailbox each month? Scoop up a subscription HERE! And take 20% off your whole order with code: JENBOOM to make the deal even sweeter!


  1. Great spread Jen. Coordinated Swag Bags seem like a fab idea!

    1. Thanks so much Jo! They really are fantastic.

  2. love this ensemble, J'boom! the subtle tones and minimal colors rock. i am inspired to try black and white photos!!

  3. Leah, thank you! The black and white photos were a happy accident of sorts as I pulled together Instagram photos from the week. All but one were already b&w so, I ran with it.

  4. Big fan of the SB. Your PL page is awesome.


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