Thursday, March 19, 2015

Create Die Cuts with Your Silhouette

Hey everyone! Heather here. I love stamping. And sometimes i want to cut the stamps out of the paper I’ve stamped on. But what I do not love is fussy cutting stamps. It takes a while, I never seem to keep a smooth edge, and I get frustrated trying to get my scissors into tight corners.  I knew there had to be a better way but without a die cut machine and coordinating dies however would it happen?

Insert my Silhouette Portrait and PixScan mat. I’ve been in a situation before where I’ve stamped an image with a light color and the trace feature had a hard time tracing so I thought to myself, what if I do a master set with blank ink, save them into my library and then can access them at any time in the future. That was it! It’s a pretty easy process too. 

I recently got this Baked with Love stamp set by Lawn Fawn and wanted to show you my new stamp process.  I've put together a quick video accompanied with instructions bellow. 

1. Grab all the images from the set. 
2. Ink them up with some blank ink and stamp them onto white paper.
3. Place paper on PixScan mat, take a photo, and import into computer.
4. Open Silhouette Software and open PixScan image. (Zoom to your preference)
5. Select the Trace tool and trace around all the images. (Adjust your settings here I turned off the high pass filer then played with the threshold and scale settings to get a nice clean edge) Once it is ready to go click Trace Outer Edge.
6. All the images will be one shape, so you will go to Object > Release Compound Object.
7. Reselect all the shapes and go to File > Save As > Save to Library. Title appropriately. 

From here you should be good to go. If you ever want to precut some shapes, or use light ink, you can access your library, grab the shape, and cut.

So now that you’ll get to save some money on dies, you’ll want to grab more cute stamps right? Well here, head over to the Paper Issues shop and grab some more stamps and save a little with this coupon: TALKTOHEATHER for 20% off your order. So what are you going to grab? I'll see you next time! Heather. 


  1. Seriously??? Wow!! I didn't know about that mat.

    1. Total game changer, right Janet? It's great!

  2. Great tutorial. Couldnt we just take a picture of the stamp backing to skip having to stamp all of the images? I really need to pull out my pixscan and start using it!

    1. That's a great question Heidi! I thought about testing that out, it sure could save some time!

  3. PixScan is super awesome!!! I don't have to scan all the images anymore, just stamp, take a picture and cut :D Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. This may convince me to start using that Pixscan mat I've been waiting to use! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. This is great. I have played around with the Pixscan some, but I will definitely use it more now that I've seen this.

  6. Wish I could get back all the money I spent on dies. This is great! Is there a BLANK ink? or is it Black?


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