Thursday, February 13, 2014

❤{Get Your Puppy Love Fill}❤

I'll fully admit it. I'm that person who treats my dogs like people.  They are both rescues, they are both sweet and they are both thoroughly spoiled. If they could talk, they'd probably let you know that.  Let the pictures show, there's no mistaking they have it good. Cinna's favorite spot is on our bed, preferably under the covers. Meg, I am convinced is a human trapped in a dog body. 

is called 
...and there's still time to get linked up! These dogs as you can guess, fill up my heart and I adore them. Did you know if you link up to our Current Issue that you are in the running for a 
to the Paper Issues Store? Don't miss out! There's good stuff being added to the store! 

You have until February 16th to link up!! 


  1. Wow, what an awesome layout! The layering and all the elements look fabulous not to mention those adorable puppies! Too cute!!!
    Sherrie K

  2. This is so awesome, Shannon! Way to go with all of the layering and little bits.

  3. I love your layout and love that your four legged kids are your babies. Ours are too. we lost one 15.5 yrs old in Oct. and I still cry. Our other 11 yrs old is treated so good and loved so much. I think they give such unconditional love are so happy when we come home. Yes my dog sleeps right up agains me. Love your page.

  4. What a beautiful layout of your pup!! So cute!!


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