Friday, February 14, 2014

all my love, Leah

Hello, friends with Issues!  Leah l'Orange here to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day, for those who celebrate it, and regardless of the occasion, may your day and weekend be filled with LOVE!

In keeping with the "Fill 'Er Up" theme for our Current Issue, I have a little something to share that comes largely from the February Swag Bag (sold out, but there may be a Doggie Bag or two left - grab them before it's too late!) and from some of the gorgeous Be Loved line from Fancy Pants

That box is filled with dark chocolate Dove candies, but I suspect it may be empty before it's given to its intended recipient today.  If that's the case, the box will just have to wait until next year, when we try again.

So many fun items from the Fancy Pants "Be Loved" line, including papers, alphas, stickers and ephemera.  Share your "Fill 'Er Up!" creations for our Current Issue, but HURRY!  It will be ending on Sunday, with a new Issue coming Monday!

Remember, this is up for grabs:

And if you feel like doing some shopping, allow me to enable!  :)


Enjoy the weekend!



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