Saturday, August 24, 2013

→ ♥ {In Between the Issues} ♥ ←

I'm quite certain that you've enjoyed all of our Project Life inspiration this month. It's been an amazing month so far on the blog, not only highlighting our awesome followers...but our very own team...I truly hope you're trying new things. If you haven't joined the Project Life craze, I hope at the very least Paper Issues has made you feel more comfortable to begin!

A new issue is on the're a day away. Heads're going to love it! Seriously. Like peanut butter loves jelly or chocolate. Totes. 

In the meantime, I'm providing you with some bonus inspiration (I hope!) with this layout I created with the fabulous products you can find in the Paper Issues Store. ♥

Thanks for letting me share today!! Make sure you stop back this afternoon for even more inspiration and look to tomorrow for the brand new issue! 

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