Sunday, May 05, 2013

*{DT Intro: Shannon Morgan}*

Hi! I'm Shannon Morgan & this is my first post for Paper Issues..and I could not be more excited! Seriously. 

I am required to tell you my Top 5 Issues...I can assure you they are at the very least, entertaining.

1. I am more than slightly obsessed with Bill Murray (I have been in love with him since I was 8 years best friend Bree can attest to this), I feel certain that if he were to hang out with me for a few days, he would know that we're supposed to be friends forever. 

2. I may have or have had...zombie escape plans...I am irrationally convinced there will be an actual zombie apocalypse one day and right now, my house is currently failing me as there are way too many windows to board the latest plan is climbing in the attic...the dogs have to go first because I can't pull them up and I'm not leaving them behind.

3. I am OCD about arranging things in either alphabetic order....or ROY G BIV. My family...accepts and loves me as I am. Sigh. LOL.

4. I love cartoons. I watch just as many if not more than my children...which makes me eternally awesome in their eyes. Our all time favorite is Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. 

5. I have a Saint Patrick's Day t shirt collection...I am currently at 17. There is irony and serendipity intended there!

I created a layout for you today...inspired by love, well more specifically by my recent trip to Las Vegas to visit my Dad and Vicki. They surprised me by getting tickets for my Dad and I to see Beatles Love/Cirque De Soleil at The Mirage....which was AMAZING. I had tears in my eyes, because 1) I am a total fan nerd girl for The Fab Four...and 2) It was visually stunning. 

I used lots of good stuff that you can find in the Paper Issues store...just a friendly PSA for you. 

I am so excited to be a part of this team! 
Thank you for checking me out today!
You can find me at: *{}*


  1. LOVE this LO Shannon...and I too believe the Zombies will get us eventually!!! So happy to be here with you!

  2. I am so happy for my friend and fellow Twine-ista that she made the team. She is awesome and i love this layout just like i do everything she creates! I loved reading the 5 things Shannon and i too am a bit OCD and i also believe i will one day have to shoot a zombie in the head! I just hope its not my husband after he has gotten bit and turned!
    Deb C

  3. So fun learning more about you, Shannon!

  4. Fun post, Shannon! Good to get to know you better :)

  5. Love your intro Shannon, you are hilarious and I adore your page!

  6. LOVE your story, girlie, and your page is fantastic! can't wait to hang with you for the term! :)

  7. Somehow I could picture you and Bill Murray hanging together and I don't even really know you beside what I just read. :)

  8. Loved learning more about you, Shannon!

  9. Father to receive this love and so beautiful;-);-) is happy
    It is wonderful!

  10. ROFL!! What a fun post! love your issues!


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