Wednesday, May 08, 2013

DT Intro: Leah l'Orange

Hey there chickens!  Yet another new DT alert!

I'm Leah l'Orange and I have ISSUES!

So excited to be among the amazingly talented and creative folks who make up the Paper Issues Design Team! A ginormous THANK YOU to Cassie the head honcho here who made it happen for this fruity chick.  XO

I fell head over heels in love with paper crafting some 5 years ago when a penpal from England inspired me with her sweet handmade cards.  An interest quickly became a scary obsession, and now I have far more crafties than my poor little home can accommodate (thank goodness we're moving soon!). 

Aside from paper, here are some of my other "issues"...

1 - Popcorn. OH MY GOOMIE, best thing on earth (not the microwave kind). Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2 - I make up words. They can all be found in the dictionary of Orange-isms.
3 - I'm a Scrabble addict, and my love for words (real and invented) runs deep.
4 - Yes, I am always this perky. Barring a nasty and debilitating migraine, I am generally a very happy, energetic, and silly person. Some people really hate that.  :D
5 - I. AM. CANADIAN! But I don't say "eh" and I don't have an accent. I am just extremely cheerful, polite and friendly. I married an Amurrican artist teacher musician and we are living happily ever after in NJ.

You can find me at The Chronicles of Orange merrily blogging away about my crafty shenanigans in addition to other silliness in my life (and there is plenty of the silly).  I'm SO assighted about the next six months with Paper Issues and can't wait to jump in!  :)

Oh, and I am all about loud and funky, so here's something pretty typical of my crafty style:

Check out all the scrummy BasicGrey goodies at the Paper Issues Etsy Store, and take advantage of my discount for 20% off your whole purchase! 


  1. Your perky personality definitely shines through in your work and this post, Leah! :)

  2. Hooray Leah! Another crazy canuck! I am assighted to work with you! Your card is funky and so much fun!
    Hugs, Lesley

  3. Great card the "loud" factor! Happy to be along for the ride with you here at PI!!

  4. Yes people she is always this perky! But she also forgot to mention smart, gorg, caring, luffff-able and just frickin awesome. :D You rock and I puffy heart you my bestie!!!

  5. Yeah...I totes heart you. I think you are adorbs and the fact that you make up words only makes me like you more. I didn't have anything to do with you being awesome!!!!! You are here because you rock...or you paid Kelly to let you on the team...either way. Yay!!!! Glitter!!!!!!

  6. Woot woot - Leah darlin!! You are such a fab ray of sunny craftiness! And all things fun too!

  7. Fun post, Leah! :)
    And fabulous card, too!

  8. Is nice! Is nice! Is nice!
    It is a very nice card.
    It seems to shine.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.


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