Saturday, May 11, 2013

DT Intro: Danielle de Konink

Hi everyone, it's Danielle here today for a little intro.
I'm a 31 year old scrapaddict from the Netherlands, living in one of our big cities, only a 10 minute bike ride from the beach. I have a fulltime job as a management assistant at an insurance company. Besides scrapbooking I love to spend good quality time with my friends and family and to travel as much as possible. I'm single and don't have kids, but I do have the cutest 3,5 year old niece and 15 months old nephew and like a good auntie is supposed to do, I spoil them rotten :-) They are very often the subject of my scrapbook pages, as well are my travels.

I've been scrapping since 2004 and I can't imagine having a life without it. I'm so super excited and thankful to be on the Paper Issues DT, along with all these talented ladies. It is the perfect place for me because I really have issues, not only paper issues! These are just a few of them:
1. I hate coffee but instead I really need Red Bull. I always have the first one before 7AM and some more are following during the day.
2. I still sleep with my teddy bear that I've since I was born. It's not that I can't sleep without him (well, not anymore...), but I just can't kick him out of my bed LOL
3. When I'm at home, I always have my tv on. I don't actually watch a lot of tv, I just need to be surrounded by some sound.
4. I always always drink milk out of the carton, never use a glass. Oh the joys of living
5. I'm definitely born in the wrong country. I'm starting to get in my comfort zone when it's 80F or higher, but we hardly hit 75F in a good summer overhere. Don't even get me started about the winter's we have with snow...

To get to know me a little better scrappy wise, I'm sharing a layout I've made for the previous issue here at Paper Issues: Serendipity.
I've made this layout with the Elle's Studio Serendipity collection, which is still available in the Paper Issues store. Don't forget to use my coupon code DANIELLE20 when you go shopping!!


  1. Such a fun LO Danielle! Glad to get to hang with you on the PI team!!!

  2. Welceom to the PI team girl - so thrilled to be working with you!

  3. Your layout is stunning Danielle!! Thrilled to be on the team with you!!

  4. I am not a winter person either! :)
    Gorgeous page!!

  5. love the layout Danielle! You are very talented!!

  6. So fun to be on this team together! <3


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