Monday, May 27, 2013

DT Intro: Carol Monson

Hey everyone!  Carol here today sharing a little bit about me.  
I'm so happy to be serving a second term with you all.

I live in Las Vegas with my awesome hubs and 4 kids, the oldest being 16!  
Don't ask me how THAT happened, yikes!!!  I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, taking care of my family and my sanity ;)

One thing you have to have to work at Paper well, issues ;)  
And I have lots of them!  Though I'll keep it to 5 today.

1.  I love Diet Coke,  it's a sickness. Really.  I want to stop, I really really do and I almost did a few months ago, but then I didn't.   One of these days.  Soon, I hope ;)

2.  I LOVE making stuff.   Scrapbook stuff, sewing stuff, crafty stuff.....stuff.

3.  You know how people have a junk drawer?  Sadly, I have a junk counter.  I can't stand it.  I can't stop it.  Between 4 kids, ALLLLLLL their school stuff, mail, paper, paper and more paper.  I can't stay on top of it all......and it causes me serious issues.

4.  I live in flip's all I ever want to wear.   They are way more comfy than tennis shoes....which some people in my life try to argue is impossible and ridiculous.  I won't name names ;)

5.  I love chocolate.  Like, have a constant stash hiding at all times kind of love.  Nothing wrong with that....right???

Thanks for listening....kinda feel like I just had a therapy session or something!   I'll leave you with a collection of some of my more recent faves.  It was hard to narrow down ;)



  1. Gorgeous projects happy to be designing with you!

  2. Love your issues, Carol! SO funny! And your layouts are adorable, what sweet photos! So happy to be designing with you!

  3. Great pages! Another chocoholic here! :)

  4. Awesome layouts Carol, and I definitely agree about the flip flops!!

  5. So fun to be on this team with you Carol! and I'm with you on the junk counter ... I think I have a junk house (and I hate it!). I'm constantly putting things away only for the kids (AND hubby) to put it right back!
    LOVE your projects!!


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