Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Faves!!

You guys are killing it with the link ups of 
your favorite projects!
 I think we're up to 154 now!
Plus, there is some serious eye candy!
Then LINK UP for a chance to win 
a gift card to the Paper Issues STORE!!
Who knows how many Cassie will give away!??
You can also use the code LORISPILLS for 20% off....go!

LORI here again to showcase this giggle and groan inducing layout from MANDA

Girl, we have all been there!! I have at least three pairs that look so pretty in my closet, yet when I put them on, my feet scream for mercy!
Thanks for linking us up!!


  1. I loove the black/white with those pops of red and the layout is fantastic! :)

  2. Just checked out her blog...thanks, it's super cute and I mentioned she might want to see a l/o I did on the same type of idea @

    Claire S.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my layout, it was a lovely surprise.


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