Friday, June 22, 2012

Entre Chien & Loup Layout

I, like many of you, have no idea what those words mean.
I do, however, know that this is one amazing layout.
That is all that mattes, right?!
Don't you love the burlap around the edge?
It creates such a nice frame and adds texture as well.
You can see more of this fabulous layout here.
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  1. This is gorgeous! FYI - "Entre Chien et Loup" literally means - "Between the Dog and Wolf" but is used to refer to the Twilight/Dusk time period.... ;) Who knew taking French in University would actually prove useful!

  2. I agree this is gorgeous layout. And "entre chien et loup" means when it is too dark (late at night or real early in the morning) and you can't recognize a dog from a wolf...

  3. Hai everyone!
    Pretty amazed to see my layout exposed here, thanks for the honour!
    Sorry for the picasa link, but had not post it yet on my blog.
    Sarah and Michelle are right, the title could be translated to Twilight.
    It was during our holidays in France and I love how they call this "between light-dark" moment in the day.
    Kind regards, Corina


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