Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peg-Pin Tomato-Tomahto

I don't know what I love more about this project...the pinkness or the fact that Ruby calls them Pegs.
Here in the states, they are Clothespins.
This is a giant one and
Whatever you call it, you should make one...or three.
She has some more Valentine themed cards in her post, so check it out!
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  1. Hee hee, your title made me giggle. Lovely project!

  2. Peg..that IS cute! Great job! Love the Authentiqe Paper too!

  3. I love how Ruby calls them "pegs"! :)

  4. Lol, you've already converted me from the UK version of tailors' dummies to dressforms, so maybe it's time for a change from pegs to clothespins, lol. LOVE your title!!! Made me laugh out loud!!!!! Thanks for featuring my clothespin, aka peg!!!!!


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