Friday, November 5, 2010

Join our Creative Team!

You have issues.  Share them with the world.
We want you to be a part of our Creative Team!
We are looking for Card Specialists, Layout Specialists and Altered Specialists.
What we expect from you: make a project or two every month, say nice things about others.
These projects don't have to be in addition to projects for other design teams or assignments.
Since I think this blog should be about showcasing you and networking, we get together, look at what we have made for the week and come up with a challenge based on that.
What you'll get from us: undying affection, fame, a cool button for your blog.
Send an email with your name, blog address and a few reasons why you are so awesome to
In the Subject line put Card, Layout or Altered so we can put you on the right team.
We will close this call on November 17 and announce the new team members on November 19.
It'll be for a 3 month term.  December through then end of February.  
How exciting!!!


  1. Hi Cassie

    When you say "These projects don't have to be in addition to projects for other design teams or assignments"

    Does that mean that say I complete a project for my retailer here in NZ, post it on their website/blog and my personal blog - that I could ALSO submit it as past of this blog!

    Hope that makes sense?!?!?

  2. Hi there! I just dropped you an email! :)

  3. i am curious about the same thing that Lowri asked about.

  4. Oh so exciting! Will put together an email this weekend! :)

  5. How did I not see this? I'll try to put something together for the call:)

  6. Sent in my email... sounds like fun

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I almost missed out on this...lemme go whip something up...(wink wink)


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